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AIPPI Study Report 2016

Q & A on Patent Litigation in China (Part III - Injunction and Preservation of Evidence)

Judicial Interpretation II of the Supreme People’s Court Regarding Patent Infringement Cases

China Patent Statistic Report 2015

Q & A on Patent Litigation in China (Part II - Procedure and Argument)

Q & A on Patent Litigation in China (Part I - The Court)

Antitrust Liabilities for SEP Holders - A review of Huawei v IDC

What Effects Will the Intellectual Property Courts in China Bring About

Chinese IP Statistic Report 2014

Analysis of the concept of person skilled in the art

Soothing headaches surrounding the issue of common knowledge

Riding the patent highway to fast-track SIPO examinations

Confidentiality Review System under Patent Law in China

Chinese IP Statistic Report 2013

How to mesh with inventor remuneration mechanisms

Exploring applications for chemical patents and experimental data

Some salient points on registrations under the new Trademark Law

Determining 'same subject matter' for Chinese patent priority

Coming to terms with China's utility model patent regime

How to submit key design points when filing for a design patent

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