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China Sinda was established in Beijing in 1993 by Dejun Mu and Lina Xie after their return from further professional training and working experience in the U.S.A. and Canada. Shortly after its founding, China Sinda was designated by the State Intellectual Property and Trademark Office of P.R. China to prosecute applications for patents and trademarks in China and abroad on behalf of domestic and foreign clients. At that time, China Sinda was the 6th state-authorized patent and trademark agency across China, and the second privately owned IP law firm in the country, entitled to provide intellectual property legal services to companies and individuals globally.

China Sinda’s development is inextricably linked with the unprecedented economic reforms in China, as well as with the evolution of technology around the world. It has expanded rapidly to become one of the premier IP firms in China, thanks to its professionals’ enduring dedication to the protection, transfer and enforcement of clients’ intellectual property rights.

The liaison offices of China Sinda were opened in Washington D.C., USA and Tokyo, Japan in 1995 and 2002 respectively. The year of 2012 witnessed the establishment of the liaison office in Munich, Germany, followed by the opening of the Singapore office in 2013.

Today, China Sinda has over 250 staff members. Among them, there are 25 partners, 70 patent attorneys, 36 technical experts, 12 trademark attorneys, and 10 attorneys at law. Most of these patent attorneys and technical experts hold doctorates or other advanced degrees in biotechnology, computer and software engineering, physics, chemistry, and many other fields. The phenomenal growth of China Sinda over its 20 year history is testament to its clients’ continued satisfaction with the services the Sinda staff provide.

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