Mr. Chuanjiang QI

Partner, Patent Attorney

Practice Areas

Patent Prosecution & Re-examination
Patent Invalidation & Litigation

Technical Fields


Professional Experience

Mr. QI is very knowledgeable about Chinese patent laws and regulations and has a tremendous amount of experience in the Chinese patent practice. He focuses his practice on patent prosecution and re-examination and has helped his clients prosecute hundreds of patent applications before the Chinese Patent Office and the Patent Re-examination Board. His expertise covers a variety of areas including electronic devices, semiconductor, integrated circuits, automatic control, computer networking, telephone communications, telecommunication, information storage, computer hardware and software, and business methods. In addition, he has also handled a great number of patent litigations, including both invalidation and infringement litigations, before the Patent Re-examination Board and the courts.

Mr. QI graduated from university in 1995. After his graduation, he worked in a state-owned manufacturer for four years, then joined the Chinese Patent Office and worked there as a patent examiner for almost eight years. He received professional training from the EPO in 2002 and was a deputy Director of the Information Record Section of the Communications Examination Department of the Chinese Patent Office. In addition, Mr. QI attended the JPO/IPR training course for patent experts from August 2011 to September 2011 in JII and AOTS. Mr. Chuanjiang QI joined China Sinda in 2008.


M.S. in Computer Applications, BeijingUniversity of Science and Technology, 2000
B.S. in Electrical Engineering, NanjingUniversity of Science and Technology, 1995

Professional Activities

All-China Patent Attorneys Association

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